Venetian Parade

Riquewihr – Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2, 2023.

The town of Riquewihr, in the vineyards of Alsace, hosts its Venetian Parade every year: it is a very beautiful Venetian carnival which takes place over a whole weekend during the month of June.
This carnival in Riquewihr is organized by the association Rêveries vénitiennes. It is an association of enthusiasts of Venetian costumes whose goal is to promote Venetian carnivals in France. It takes up the codes of the traditional Venice Carnival: the participants are anonymous and wish to remain so.
Everyone must therefore show as little as possible of their person, hence the wearing of a mask, gloves or even a balaclava. No part of the body should be visible, except the eyes. Thus the mystery remains complete. Behind the masks, the costumes play a role in silence: the couple of lovers, the jester, the marquis, a sad or even very happy character…

Program of the Venetian Carnival of Riquewihr:

Costume parades, Night parades on Saturday, July 2,
Wanderings and presentation of costumes on Sunday 3 July.


During the Venetian carnival of Riquewihr (Alsace), the fashionable costumes of the Carnival of Venice, stroll through the streets. They go to meet visitors to the beautiful Riquewihr for two days. Traditionally, a nocturnal costume parade is scheduled for Saturday evening, before the presentation of the costumes on the catwalk.