Kaysersberg – the fortified city around 1500 AD. JC.
Reproduction from the Illustrated book: Fortified towns of Alsace and plain castles by Guy Trendel (Author), Christophe Carmona (Illustrations)
Publisher: ID Publishing; Illustrated Edition (April 1, 2016)
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Former empire city, Kaysersberg has its imperial castle. Built around 1200 to block the roads coming from Lorraine, the village was an important strategic place in the war between the Empire and the Dukes of Lorraine. An enormous cylindrical keep, one of the oldest round keeps in Alsace, whose walls are more than 4 m thick, is a curiosity in itself. Inside this wall and under the protection of the keep, also admire the seigniorial dwelling with its broken arched windows! But above all, don’t deprive yourself of a magnificent view: take the staircase with 100 steps which will take you to the top of the keep to enjoy a splendid panorama over Kaysersberg and the vineyard.