Here are the recommendations of sites to find the most beautiful hikes to do in our region.

Hiking Alsace

It is always essential to bring a map: IGN at 1:25000 (up to date) for hiking or mountain biking and a map of the region for cycling trips.
The hikes are generally planned for the day (4 to 6 hours of walking) with generally, halfway through, a nice hostel to regain strength.

The walks are planned for 2 to 3 hours of walking in a pleasant setting.

The mountain bike outings are of variable length, 20 to 50 km, generally on paths so as to avoid the hiking trails. The practice of mountain biking with electric assistance makes it possible to lengthen the outings.
The bike rides take place over the day or half-day, over a distance of 50 to 130 kilometers and are aimed at trained cyclists.

The dangers of the mountain should not be underestimated.
Some trails can be very dangerous, especially in rainy weather or in winter.
So always be well equipped!